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Is there no one which to depened
Ow when will it end
I feel like i am trying to defend
From what i may do
I need a friend
Someone that
That wont take sides
I want to mend
But i not think that i can
That what i always defended
My own views
Are always distoreted
My heart is floored
When the things get to scary
I just close up
I may be a pillar of strength
But in the end
I am just an egg shell
Broken on the floor
I know no men at arms are gonna try to repair me
Because i need to ment this shell alone
Then i can truly mend and sort out the stack
Of words rushing to escape my mouth
Or even my finger tips
:iconsam817:sam817 1 0
The things I want to say are many and varied
The things that make my head spin
My heart flutter
But yet they are locked
The decisions I have made
For good
Or for bad
Have lead me to this fate
What I wanted to say
I have hidden far away
You may think that I am like the rest
You probably think I am a pest
But I tell you one thing
The words I want to say are getting closer to the surface
I want at this moment to just fade away
My head heart hurts
I vowed never to hurt you
To hurt anyone
I have done that but also hurt the one thing I never thought I could
I blown it all away
And for what a
A distant dream
You never know how import something is to you
Until it's gone
What I would give to start again
A fresh
A new but I have done too much damage
The words I love you
Seems like they would turn to ash in my mouth
At the thought of hurting you again
I want to say but I can't
I want to try
I want to live
But I need to sort myself out
Decide what I want
This life that I live
Is full o
:iconsam817:sam817 1 1
The thing I have taken I no I cannot give back
But the thing I have broken
I hope to repair one day
I may not be a mechanic or a psychologist
But one day in the suture I wish to repair that thing
I know you're is broken and so is mine
No matter what u say the feelings are still there
But maybe I was too immature to
Say what I wanted to say
Or I was afraid
But one day mark my words
I will mend that item
You may feel betrayed
I feel guilty
You have been my one and only
But just wait
Watch this space
:iconsam817:sam817 1 2
Fix, Mend, End
Fix, mend, end.
Don't lock me out
For I shall not mock,
Don't lock me out
Of the love I will not,
Each and every part of it
My feelings are mile high for it,
But why are trying to defend
The life that should end.
But you can't depend
On a life someone's trying to lend
Even if it bends,
To fit around yours and mend.
But the life I am trying to mend,
With the lend,
Cannot sooth the life as
You are trying to defend.
So please take the lend,
And let in mend,
The more you defend,
The harder it is to end.
The life i want to mend ,
Is the one I wish would end
That is the life of a soul I love,
Should end.
And be fixed in the bitter end.
:iconsam817:sam817 1 0
You Say
You Say
You think I don't want you,
You are say you're going to leave.
From one hug to one second.
You are like Ice.
It has always been the same
You standing there wanting it all
Actually having nothing.
Your life is spent
Mine is fresh.
It is like walking on egg shells.
Eggshells are small,
But so is your self,
You care not for me or
What I stand for,
Just that I am here
You wish to be removed from my life,
I am not going to waste the effort,
You want it,
Not me.
:iconsam817:sam817 1 2
... by sam817 ... :iconsam817:sam817 1 0
A Case of the What if's?
What If
The feeling of dread
The bitter taste
The loathing
The not understanding
Never know
The feeling of if only i was there
The what if?
What if u do something u didn't mean to?
What if it doesn't go to plan?
A case of the what  if's?
What if Charles Babbage
Never made his calculation engine?
Would someone else have made it
Would we know each other?
Would I be writing this on plastic and metal?
Would this ever be red?
Where are you?
How are you?
How is your life?
Everything ok?
Would there ever be a need for a missile guidance system
In my hand.
Martin Cooper, may have made it
But we all subscribe to it
The one what creates a noise and contacts me to everyone
But also no one.
:iconsam817:sam817 2 6
nightmare revisted by sam817 nightmare revisted :iconsam817:sam817 1 4 nightmare faceted nigh by sam817 nightmare faceted nigh :iconsam817:sam817 1 1
you may girl
You may,
And frustrate.
But this may be a shock,
But you will never stay.
The world is changing,
And to my bitter end,
The lust
I showed will,
Surly be forgot.
You are a blind mouse in a big
Bright world
But I am the fly with a thousand eyes
You may show no emotion and all you do is play
But has I have said before no one will ever stay
For those that play and never stay will surely forgot
:iconsam817:sam817 2 2
The Read
The Read
Reading is just a pastime.
But people rely on their sight,
So why waste it.
When a word spoke,
Is ten thousand written,
Teacher always said,
Tell them before taking matters
Into your own hands.
Angry character never work,
But angry crowds of man can.
So if you have the
Why don't you get down?
Because the papers of the masses
Are just never understood
Reading is just a pastime
You really should make a name,
And sitting here on DA
You will surly go insane.
The names may change
But the characters are
So it's all the same.
:iconsam817:sam817 1 2
Bed occupied by a Pillow
Sleeping in a bed occupied by a pillow  
Every night I sleep with a pillow,
Next to me.
Not for comfort.
Just for practice,
Of sleeping with you.
So when my kitten
Comes ,
I don't wake my baby up
By rolling onto you.
But I wish for the pillow,
To be filled
With the body
That I wish to roll over to,
And touch ,
To smell,
And to gaze
To listen to you purr.
If I am to wake.
I won't wake with a frown;
If I see her lying
There at peace
With the world.
That she is lost within,
But at least,
In her head
She will always know the way.
:iconsam817:sam817 2 9
Mature content
Ideas of the Dominant Part 2 :iconsam817:sam817 0 2
Mature content
Ideas of the Dominant :iconsam817:sam817 0 0
Numb Drizzle dazzle
Numb Drizzle dazzle
Mine mind is numb,
My body aching
My bum gone numb
ass I sit wondering what is wrong.
My brain has lost it razzal
and is now is in a dazzle.
Miss the Mrs.
Worrying about the outcome of a long exam,
and those yet to come.
Thinking of my grandfather in hospital.
Waking up with a mouth like a litter box,
Felling like a truck ran over my head.
leaving a calling card of un concentration
Taking pain killers for something that isnt pain
but is defiantly not pleasant.
I Don't know what it is
I belive my life has gone to nothing ness over nothing.
tired, maybe.
Not slept well since last time she was her.
My only feature that is liked by people is pissing me off.
I belive i am no longer hated
but i have to be hated to be able to live.
It may be growing up
but the children of the internet never grow old.
and if this is growing old strike me down with something I can put my finger on.
This is life at its grimiest,
nothing going right at this moment
nothing gone wrong.
Eternal w
:iconsam817:sam817 1 7
Mature content
Daughter of The King pt 1 :iconsam817:sam817 6 12

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Vampire Freaks is a Sorta Face book for all the true alt sub cultures with groups and radios of bands and other things it full of goth electro alternative experimental and the damn right weird music. i have a profile but just follow the link if it works  to my VF and from there take a look around and if u want create an account and then u can become a one of the growing Vampire Freaks. cheers

ps it also has a shop that does alternative clothing which is linked to from the main page.

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Favourite cartoon character: the cat out of trigun
Personal Quote: "perieodically"


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